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Winners of IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge announced

August 4, 2015  

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Cisco today announced the winners of the first IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge. The Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge is a global competition open to young women between the ages of 13-18. Participants were tasked with suggesting new IoT solutions and technologies to connect more devices and everyday objects to the internet or other networks to address challenges in education, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail, transportation, smart cities, or other industries.

Top winners received cash prizes for investing in their education or respective innovative ideas.

Through the competition, Cisco captured the attention of more than 1500 girls, and witnessed the diverse set of global submissions from 171 countries. The panel of judges selected the following winning entries:

1st place winner – $20,000

Summary of Idea: An innovative way to prevent smuggling illegal items and alerting customers when shipping containers are compromised or tampered with using sensors to track and send status reporting by means of software solution via an IoT Intercloud.


Emily Y. and Alice Y. An IoT-based Global Container Management System Transportation United States

2nd place winners – $10,000

Sanjana S. iSolve – Solving Storm and Flash Floods in City Streets by Using Network of Flow Government United States
Cynthia Z. Interactive Shower Environmental Canada
Vaishnavi N. and Srinidhi N. PanDetective Healthcare United States
Kathy H. and Ananya N. The Book of Everything Education Canada

3rd place winners – $5,000

Amy Q. Arthritis Prevention Through Motion Detection Healthcare Canada
Hania G. Stylist Fashion United States
Brooke M. iCPooch Pet Products United States
Suah C. Navigation Shoes for Pedestrians Transportation South Korea
Engy R., Haneen H., Menatallah T. and Hebatallah M. Safe Zone – Start Safe, Work Safe, Finish Safe Manufacturing Egypt


“We are thrilled to see the passion, innovation and professionalism of all participants in the challenge,” said Inbar Lasser Raab, Cisco vice president of products and solutions marketing. “We hoped that the great excitement and opportunity around the Internet of Things will appeal to young women and attract them to get involved in STEM fields. The results exceeded our expectations, demonstrating great creativity in utilizing IoT to address everyday challenges and better people’s lives.”

The Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge officially kicked off at the 2014 IoT World Forum in Chicago, and the panel of judges comprised Cisco and industry leaders who focus on women in IoT, venture capital, universities, and learning centers with an emphasis in STEM.

Details on the entries of the three Canadians winners are listed below:

2nd place – $10,000

Interactive Shower

Richmond, BC, Canada

Individual — Cynthia Z.

A smart system that implements green technology and internet of things to conserve water and save money on hydro bills by placing a thermostat attached to a shower pipe and valve. When water reaches the correct temperature it will notify the user to begin running water by being monitored and managed through a smart device application.

2nd place – $10,000

The Book of Everything

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Team — Kathy H. and Ananya N.

A smart device that combines all academic resources by consisting of electronics and synthetic paper with features to better aid students in the process of note-taking, information sharing, and collaboration via uploading a variety of textbooks, literature, notepaper, and much more.

3rd place – $5,000

Arthritis Prevention Through Motion Detection

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Individual —  Amy Q.

Injection of sensors into affected joints to cure arthritis with a minimum invasive surgery, quantifying and streamlining the process for monitoring osteoarthritis to help stop the joint lining from degeneration.