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Weekly phishing attacks rampant: HP study

September 2, 2014  

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HP has released results from network security survey of IT professionals, revealing the top network security concerns plaguing enterprises today.

Conducted by research organization Ipsos Observer and sponsored by HP TippingPoint, the State of Network Security survey showed that 69% of IT professionals experience phishing attacks at least once a week, with customer data cited most often as the type of data attacked, followed by financial information.

In addition, the survey found that seven out of 10 attacks generated within the network perimeter stem from a malware-infected host highlighting the importance of taking a layered approach to security to block suspicious communications at every point on the network — from the perimeter to the core.

“Organizations are increasingly challenged to protect their networks from advanced targeted attacks, in fact, it is likely that most environments have already been breached with systems infected by malware,” said Frank Mong, vice president, solutions, enterprise security products at HP. “It is important that IT professionals understand how attackers are trying to break through the network, and have confidence in their ability to mitigate attacks when every second matters.”

According to HP, approximately six out of 10 attacks stem from malicious communication with the command and control site, and over half are taking advantage of a software vulnerability. Top threats relative to these new attacks are primarily within the data centre, mobile and branch networks, it added.


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