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Veritas’ new offerings designed to ‘tackle’ unchecked data growth

July 7, 2015  

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Veritas, Symantec’s recently created information management business, today announced new offerings for enterprise data centre as well as upgrades to its core portfolio of backup and information management products.

“Our customers find themselves at the crossroads of an information explosion and a fundamental shift in the way infrastructure is delivered,” said Matt Cain, executive vice president and chief product officer for Veritas. “To make sense of tremendous volumes of data, we know that traditional infrastructure-centric approaches alone no longer work.”

The company said “enhancements to current products” enable simpler management in hybrid cloud infrastructures and extended protection for VMware and Microsoft virtual environments. Veritas is also introducing new products that enable businesses to delve deep into their data stores to recognize and prioritize information across their organizations.

“There are several driving forces impacting a company’s ability to take advantage of its data today,” said Laura DuBois, program vice president, storage and GRC infrastructure with IDC. “Businesses and individuals are creating more data than ever – and IT organizations are struggling to manage the increasing scope and size of their data storage needs.”

Key product updates and new releases include:

* Veritas NetBackup 7.7, the latest iteration of Symantec’s enterprise-grade backup offering, which now contains data centre integration for VMware vSphere 6 and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as support for hybrid-cloud deployments leveraging Amazon Web Services, Google Nearline and others.

* Veritas InfoScale, which addresses enterprise business continuity needs for complex, multi-tiered applications in physical and virtual environments. InfoScale offerings provide application availability and software-defined storage to meet data centre challenges such as operational complexity, tool proliferation, unpredictable service levels and lack of agility through a Web-based management interface.

* Veritas Resiliency Platform, which helps organizations ensure critical business applications consistently meet stringent Service Level Agreements.

* Veritas™ Data Insight 5.0, which extends unstructured data analytics to support governance across on-premises storage platforms and Box cloud storage.

An operational separation of Veritas and Symantec is currently scheduled for October of this year with the complete separation on track by January 2016.

The company generated US$2.6 billion in revenue for Symantec last year.



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