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TIA publishes new cabling standards designed to improve efficiency for designers, installers and end users

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has released TIA-568-C.0 Generic Telecommu...

March 11, 2009  

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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has released TIA-568-C.0 Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises and the TIA-568-C.1 Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard revision.


The new standards improve upon and replace TIA-568-B.1 and its addenda, which were reviewed and revised under the cognizance of TIA Engineering Committee TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems, and TR-42.1 Subcommittee on Generic and Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling.


They will be combined with TIA-568-C.3 Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard (which was published in June 2008 and is available now) and TIA-568-C.2, Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunications Cabling and Components Standard (release expected later in 2009) to become the TIA-568-C suite of standards.


TR-42 Committee chair Herb Congdon, manager of standards and technology for AMP NETCONNECT Systems at Tyco Electronics, said that during the review process “the committee sought and considered feedback from users of the TIA standards collection, and asked: What can we do to make the standards easier to use? We recognized the need for what we called a generic structured cabling document. And that’s what the 568-C.0 standard is.”


Congdon called the new suite of standards “more efficient and effective.”