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Structured cabling systems market poised for renewed growth in U.S.

FTM Consulting announced that its latest study, "U.S. Structured Cabling Systems Market," indicates that the market...

October 28, 2008  

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FTM Consulting announced that its latest study, “U.S. Structured Cabling Systems Market,” indicates that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.1% during the next five years.

The growth will be fueled by increased use of SCS in data centres and the initial deployment of VoIP systems, which require enormous amounts of cabling.

Currently, LAN cabling accounts for the largest SCS market. By 2013, it is projected that VoIP cabling will account for the largest market.

“After suffering a downturn during the first part of this century, following the heydays of double-digit growth in the 1990s, the SCS market is now poised for renewed growth,” said Frank Murawski, president of FTM Consulting.

“This growth will not come from LAN cabling, as in the past, but from new applications being added onto the existing enterprise’s LAN network. We view these add-on applications as subnets that are interconnected to the enterprise’s primary network.

This includes data centre interconnectivity, VoIP using the existing network backbone, and video over IP being integrated into the primary network.

The total SCS market is projected to grow from US$6.4 billion in 2008 to US$16.0 billion by 2013. One of the report’s major findings is that UTP cabling will remain the largest portion of the market during the next five years.

Fiber cabling, even though increasingly used in applications, such as data centres, is expected to be a much smaller market than the UTP cabling during the next five years, the study noted.