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Sesame Networks and CRC team up for pilot program

Sesame Networks Inc., a developer of a third-party Internet authentication service, today announced a pilot program...

March 3, 2004  

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Sesame Networks Inc., a developer of a third-party Internet authentication service, today announced a pilot program in conjunction with Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC).

Designed to test the company’s Courtesy Access Service, the pilot program will equip four of CRC’s conference rooms with a new authentication process for outside visitors who wish to access the Internet using a laptop or personal device while on the Shirleys Bay Campus.

According to Sesame, this will enable the CRC to provide its visitors with convenient, wireless high-speed Internet access, without risking access to an internal network and without the administrative effort of managing visitor credentials.

CRC is the federal government’s primary laboratory for research and development (R&D) in advanced communications technologies. Its collaborative R&D addresses rural and remote broadband access, spectrum issues, wireless and satellite communications systems, radio fundamentals, broadcast and multimedia technologies, broadband networks, network security and photonics

“We’re pleased to be participating in this pilot in order to provide the benefits of Internet access to our guests in a manner that is safe and convenient for us,” says Gerry Chan, vice president of the lab’s terrestrial wireless systems research branch. “Our employees and contractors may also take advantage of the service to connect wirelessly to the Internet.”

With the growing demand for high-speed Internet access, consumers are increasingly using “hotspots” in restaurants, hotels and airports through the deployment of WLAN infrastructure and Wi-Fi enabled devices.

These technologies, said Sesame, clearly offer substantial benefits in terms of improved communications, however, there are concerns about the security of internal information, abuse of guest access services and the effort an owner of a WLAN might have to make in order to manage these concerns.

“We’re excited to be working with CRC on our pilot program,” “Convenient and safe Internet access for guests is one of the remaining challenges to reaping the full benefits of wireless LAN technology.” said Tom Hope, the company’s president.