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Sensor cable monitors fences; even detects low-level drone fly-bys

March 25, 2015  

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Fenced-in areas, such as airports, nuclear power stations, industrial sites, or private plots of land, can now be monitored as a result of a sensor technology that has been developed by a team of experimental physicists, led by Professor Uwe Hartmann at Saarland University in Germany.

According to a release, the sensors respond immediately as soon as someone tries to climb over or cut through the fence, providing information on the precise location of the security breach.

“They are even able to detect a low-flying drone passing overhead. The thin cable containing the magnetic field sensors can be easily installed on perimeter fences of all kinds,” it said. “The research team is currently working on developing the system so that it can recognize the cause of a disturbance and can automatically identify false alarms triggered by wind or animals.”

The team is collaborating with industrial partners to produce a cable suitable for mass production. The technology will be shown at HANNOVER MESSE from April 13-17.

“The sensors can detect disturbances in the surrounding magnetic field, including the magnetic field above them, with a range extending several metres,’ said research assistant Haibin Gao who is working on the sensor technology with the Hartmann’s team.

Hartmann added that he is “currently working with a number of companies to reduce the size of the system and, most importantly, to lower the cost of producing the sensors to a level where large-volume production becomes feasible.”



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