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[Start Up] Knowck, the Future of Digital Signage as Easy as Smart-phone Applications

Cloudvision is Digital Advertisement Platform As Easy As Smart-phone Application. SEOUL, KOREA, December 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When you walk in a big city, use public transportations like airports or subways and visit governmental offices, di...

December 3, 2014  

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Cloudvision is Digital Advertisement Platform As Easy As Smart-phone Application. SEOUL, KOREA, December 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When you walk in a big city, use public transportations like airports or subways and visit governmental offices, display advertisements jump to your eyes. Through the mass media, strange digital terms such as digital signage, cloud and big data are consecutively introduced. Digital signage catching our eyes and ears smears into our life deeper than we guess. Korean start-up, Knowck ( has a great attention for the release of 'Cloudvision', a cloud media platform which allow people to manage digital signage with their smart-phone at anywhere, anytime. The development of digital signage(display advertisements utilizing LED or LCD) has brought a great change in both domestic and foreign advertisement marketing fields. Especially, window-based digital signage control system has been expanding to cloud-based mobile service with more users. With Cloudvision, the interconnection of external displays and network is possible by Linux, Window, PC and smart-phones. Because there's no need to build a separate, it saves cost a lot server compared to previous window-based system. And it also has a user-friendly interface making best use of familiar smart devices in our daily life. Knowck_CEO Jung-ho Kim, the CEO of Knowck had worked for several decades in electronic commerce and cloud system buildup fields as a search engine engineer before he found his own company in 2011. Though he had dreamed to be a movie director since he was in a university, Jung-ho Kim decided to jump in an international online service business which has more reality than movies. He said, "From the development of Road Browser, I have had a great interest in an integrated web service. Cloudvision is a smart middleware platform based on cloud and Android OS. It's easy to use." Knowck has focused on developing display managing software and accomplished a great deal in a large-scale SI market. The company has mainly targeted a foreign market where B2B tendency is strong. It built a media pole in Rio, Brazil cooperating with Samsung and worked on COEX internal broadcasting, exhibition & convention media, Store TV, Street TV and the retail advertisement system in New Jersey, the U.S. All of those achievements were possible, because the company provides a service through a cloud server even in foreign countries, not in Korea. Now, it also serves for KT's U Cloud market. The CEO also said, 'Still, people are lack of awareness of digital signage in Korea. The advertising contents are limited in the shape of videos and images. We aim at a platform providing customized interactive contents." Knowck recently released Cloudvision 2.0. Previous one targeted B2B market, but this version is an upgraded solution for B2C market. To expand the presence of digital signage in B2C market, it must be changed into a service providing a platform to the developers which can control communications network, API and practice central management. Even though there are about 50~60 kinds of window-based solutions, all of them just operates with limited contents. The core development purpose of Cloudvision is making digital signage versatile like various smart-phone applications. The company has extended the number of outlets through Android-based application developers. It is constructing about 30 kinds of core applications and plan to roll out more than 100 apps next year. For the optimized integrated operating system the development of independent software and the release of hardware package including display are on the way, too. The CEO expected the bright future of digital signage market, saying "Now we are briskly having technical cooperation with many companies, providing our service to them. Lots of corporations have partnership with us including Samsung Electronics, Korean three major telecommunications companies, SKT, KT and LG, set-box makers and contents providers. CLOUD VISION Knowck is globally well-known digital signage company. It won the Red Herring 'Top 100 Global Companies Award' last year. And, it also recently participated in World IT Show 2014 held at BEXCO in Busan, getting a great interest from both domestic and foreign press. The company is now located at Nuritkum Square R&D Tower in Sang-am dong, Seoul as it is selected for one of NIPA innovative venture companies by the Ministry of Science and Future Planning. The first goal of Knowck is approaching a 30% global market share and expanding domestic consumer market share with the launching of Cloudvision 2.0. The future of advertisement market will be the era of the second display based on customized information. The expandability of networked devices will provide a new experience you can get necessary information and contents wherever you are.

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