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NewBlue Releases Titler Pro Live for Wirecast

Disruptive titling technology enables live broadcasters to create lower thirds, hero titles and end credits on the fly in mere seconds. SAN DIEGO, CA, December 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Production-proven video special effects company NewBlue, Inc...

December 4, 2014  

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Disruptive titling technology enables live broadcasters to create lower thirds, hero titles and end credits on the fly in mere seconds. SAN DIEGO, CA, December 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Production-proven video special effects company NewBlue, Inc. announced today the debut of NewBlue Titler Pro Live for Wirecast. Based on NewBlue Titler Pro 3-- the market leader in fast, beautiful, animated 2D/3D titles-- Titler Pro Live delivers real-time animated titles and lower thirds to the Telestream Wirecast platform. Titler Pro Live for Wirecast is the first titling tool to allow real-time text and animation changes directly in any internet-based streaming broadcast platform. Titler Pro Live for Wirecast's template-oriented workflow solves the creative challenges of real-time titling in a live streaming environment. With it, broadcasters using Wirecast can prepare stunning animated title templates in advance, then insert text and images immediately during a live streaming broadcast. Explains Tom Prehn, Wirecast product manager: "We're excited to offer NewBlue Titler Pro Live's fully integrated titling tool for Wirecast's 6. Delivering dynamic 3D titles and animated lower thirds, it's the titling tool live broadcast professionals have always wanted." Prior to the availability of Titler Pro Live, streaming broadcasters had to design and render all necessary titles ahead of time and were prohibited from creating text on the fly, as needed during a broadcast. NewBlue, maker of the NewBlueFX line of video effects, transitions and titling solutions, is single-handedly changing real-time titling landscape. Adds Todor Fay, co-founder and managing director of NewBlue, Inc., "Wirecast 6 is a truly disruptive tool in the live broadcast arena and Titler Pro Live advances this disruption one step further. We're proud to unveil this powerful, flexible titling tool for live production, as well as our partnership with Telestream and the Wirecast team." Titler Pro Live for Wirecast is: - Fast: Live streaming broadcasters can choose from a broad library of Templates, type their text and insert it into their shot lists. - Dynamic: Titles come to life with smooth procedural animations, moving light sources, and a rich palette of effects and transitions. - Versatile: Live streaming broadcasters can create lower thirds, hero titles, end credits and more-- all animated and richly rendered in 3D space. - Integrated: Titler Pro Live runs directly inside Wirecast and becomes an integral part of the Wirecast workflow, automatically running at Wirecast resolution and saving directly in a Wirecast project. Plus, Titler Pro Live is cross compatible with Titler Pro 3, so live streaming broadcasters can share titles created in Titler Pro Live with those built for desktop production with Titler Pro 3 on all major NLEs. Titler Pro Live for Wirecast includes the following features: - 100% GPU Accelerated - Project File compatible with Titler Pro on all major NLEs, including Avid, Adobe, Apple, and more. - Titles save directly in Wirecast projects. - Includes dozens of Templates, styles, animation, effects, and transition content. - Integrated 2D/3D - Intuitive Editing - Procedural Animations - Complex 2D Effects - Shape and Text Extrusion - Style Presets - True 3D - EPS File import - Drag-n-drop editing - Key-framed Effects - Video textures - True motion blur - Multiple moving light sources - 3D wide angle - Complex shapes - Layer blending modes - Depth-of-field lens control - Normal-map-textured materials - Pre-built project Templates in library Pricing and Availability Titler Pro Live sells for $299 and is available at About NewBlue, Inc. Delivering innovative video technologies since 2006, NewBlue, Inc. provides video editing solutions to filmmakers, and broadcast professionals worldwide. The company's NewBlueFX line features a product portfolio with over 280 video editing and audio plugins, while its Titler Live and VPX technologies serve the video cloud and streaming industries. The company boasts unique intellectual property, a seasoned development and design team, well-respected founders with a track record of success, a superior market reputation and a cash-flow positive revenue stream. NewBlue is located in San Diego, California and present online at About Telestream Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. Many of the world's most demanding media and entertainment companies as well as a growing number of users in a broad range of business environments, rely on Telestream products to streamline operations, reach broader audiences and generate more revenue from their media. Telestream products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including video capture and ingest; live and on-demand encoding and transcoding; captioning; playback and inspection, delivery, and live streaming; as well as automation and orchestration of the entire workflow. Telestream corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City, California. The company is privately held. For more information, visit NewBlue is a registered trademark and NewBlueFX, Titler Pro 3 and Titler Pro Live are trademarks of NewBlue, Inc. All rights reserved. All other names are trademarks of their respective holders.

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