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Porter Novelli urges businesses to harness ‘fast-evolving mobile technology’

Public relations firm Porter Novelli today released "Mobile Lives & Times," a report that examines the opportunitie...

June 3, 2009  

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Public relations firm Porter Novelli today released “Mobile Lives & Times,” a report that examines the opportunities and formidable challenges presented by lightning-fast changes in mobile technology.


The latest in the company’s Intelligent Dialogue series, the report tracks mobile technology’s hottest trends and examines the impact they are making on business, government, health care, media and more.


“Given the choice, people want to be mobile,” said Porter Novelli CEO Gary Stockman. “The flexibility is the ultimate allure. We need to acknowledge the benefits and drawbacks of a fast-paced mobile world in order to prepare for an even bigger revolution than we’ve experienced so far.”


Key findings included: 


* Personal use of mobile and wireless technology is unprecedented. Around 58% of the world’s population has an active mobile subscription. The number has quadrupled in just the past six years.


* Location-based services create huge potential to learn about customers and increase marketing intelligence. Marketers’ challenge: seize the opportunity without becoming intrusive or annoying. Mobile providers’ challenge: monetize the opportunity effectively.


* Mobile is a stepping stone for developing countries. It’s a cheap and accessible way to facilitate connections, improve access to health care and build local business.