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Oakville MP wants tougher warnings on cell phones

January 19, 2015  

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Conservative MP Terence Young was scheduled to announce today that he has multi-party support from MPs across Canada for his Private Member’s Bill requiring warning labels on cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and even baby monitors sold across Canada.

The Oakville MP was successful last year in championing a new government bill requiring clearer warnings on pharmaceuticals. He’s now introduced a bill that requires safety warnings on all microwave emitting wireless devices including cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and baby monitors.

“The World Health Organization places wireless radiation on the same cancer warning-list as DDT, lead and car exhaust,” says Young. “Canadians have a right to know this.”

Young points out that manufacturers including Blackberry, Motorola and Apple already publish health warnings about their own devices but they are not easy to find.

“The warnings are in fine print, in paper booklets that few people read,” he said. “This new bill ensures those same warnings will be readable and easy to find, right on the packaging or the device.”

If passed, the government could require all wireless devices sold in Canada to carry warning labels similar to tobacco and alcohol products. Retailers who fail to ensure warnings are affixed to the packages could be fined up to $100,000 per day.


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1 Comment » for Oakville MP wants tougher warnings on cell phones
  1. Rob says:

    So this stuff is bad for us, so we need a label stating this, i.e. disclaimer.
    But the gov can use these things against us without retribution, i.e. hydro meters maybe all of these new digital meters should be removed.

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