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New Juniper software optimizes network traffic, mitigates security risks

Juniper Networks Inc. today released the Networks ScreenOS version 6.0 operating system for the Integrated Security...

April 30, 2007  

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Juniper Networks Inc. today released the Networks ScreenOS version 6.0 operating system for the Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) and Secure Services Gateway (SSG) firewall/VPNs and new Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) version 4.1 software for its IDP platform.

The company says the latest releases provide enterprises with advanced control of business applications and users, enabling them to set and enforce security policies across the network and enhance application delivery and performance.

According to Juniper, as business trends such as the dynamic perimeter, virtual enterprises, and deployment of content rich and collaborative applications gain broader acceptance, enterprises are increasingly recognizing a direct correlation between network performance and business performance.

These trends are also driving escalating demands for securing, optimizing and having visibility and control of applications across the network, it said.

To date, most offerings have only addressed this issue by having Layer 3-4 visibility in a network or embedding partial application visibility into a single location or device on the network, not embedding Layer 7 intelligence and visibility across the entire network infrastructure.

This is the next big step in the enterprise security market, said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst at Infonetics Research. Until now, networking and security administrators have only had a partial view of the traffic and users traversing in and out of their network.

With application and user visibility, administrators can do a much better job of identifying and stopping todays threats and controlling application and network usage overall.

ScreenOS 6.0 and IDP 4.1 software provides expanded user- and application-layer visibility, while the ISG firewall/VPN with integrated IDP services now includes extended security through application profiling of user traffic and intelligent network delivery through application-layer quality of service (QoS).