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ITU Telecom World 2014 agenda announced

June 25, 2014  

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Forum discussions at the upcoming ITU Telecom World 2014 event in Doha, Qatar, will delve deep into the driving forces behind the ongoing radical transformation of the ICT industry, exploring three major future scenarios and how they will impact our businesses and lives:

Disruption:Will the ICT sector suffer further disruption? Or will it be the disrupting force for others such as broadcasting? How might sector convergence take shape? And what other disruptive scenarios lie on the horizon?

Cross-sector partnerships: Opportunities in verticals now involve partnerships across sectors with a whole set of new stakeholders within this environment. What partnership options are available?

The intelligent future: Huge potential is offered through developments such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data-centric applications and innovative business models. But what regulatory or policy challenges do these pose? What are the best business models? Or enabling tools?

“Debates at ITU Telecom World 2014 will boldly tackle both the risks posed to the ICT industry as well as the vast pool of opportunities for its future growth, which span new, cross-vertical partnerships, new technologies, policies and business models,” said ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun I. Touré.

ITU Telecom World 2014 will take place 7-10 December 2014 in Doha, kicking off with a one-day Leadership Summit on the future for leaders from governments, regulatory bodies and across the ICT industry.