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HP expands its Just Right IT portfolio for SMB market

January 31, 2014  

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HP has announced new offerings designed to round out its Just Right IT portfolio for the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market. 

According to the company, mobility and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trends have enabled an increasingly mobile workforce to access information from anywhere at any time, leading to rapid growth of unstructured data.

New to the program are HP ServeIT and HP ServiceIT, which HP said allows resellers to assess and deliver “solutions” based on the size of a company and the stage it is at in its IT development.

“We are trying to get at the core top IT pain points,” Lisa Wolfe, leader of HP’s worldwide small midmarket business, told Connections+. “It is a short list. We only see our customers and our partners deploying a very core set that really helps their business.

“Even three years ago, a company was able to dictate, especially to employees: You can not interact with our business unless you have XYZ kinds of devices. That is no longer the case.”

ITServe offerings include HP Flex-Bundles for:

* Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V Virtualization and for VMware vSphere with Operations Management Virtualization

* SMB First Server Solution with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

* Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

The three new offerings within the HP ServiceIT portfolio revolve around technology services, financial services and cloud services.

“The ability to access the business anytime, anywhere from any device is the preeminent change for SMBs because if they are unable to do that with employees, partners, suppliers and competitors they pretty well will not be competitive,” Wolfe said.

“If you step back from all of this and think about it, mobility more than cloud has opened up a significant number of opportunities for SMBs to interact with their customers, their suppliers, their employees. In addition, it has created new IT challenges for the back end that people don’t think about for server, storage, networking and services.

“The explosion in unstructured data is not new, but the rate is pretty well straight up. It used to be very simple for a mid-sized business to put in another server and handle that unstructured data with internal disk drives. It is pretty much untenable to handle it that way any more.”

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