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Global registry for wireless names launched

January 17, 2014  

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The Wireless Registry Inc. this week announced the launch of what it calls the world’s first global registry for wireless names.

“In the same way the Domain Name System (DNS) unleashed the power of the Internet, The Wireless Registry unleashes the power of the Internet of Things,” the organization said in a release. “From today, individuals and businesses can register wireless names (, associate content to these names and provide meaning when they are detected.”

According to the company, the registry allows anyone to take control of their proximal identities and create and use new services and applications to engage with their proximal surroundings in ways never before possible.

“Any object that uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless technology, such as your smartphone, home router or even your car, has a unique wireless signature and proximal identity,” said company co-founder and CEO Patrick Parodi.

“Registering your wireless name or SSID allows you to own your proximal identity within The Wireless Registry and create a virtual bubble that can stay in one place or go wherever you go. We have built a system, the DNS of Things, that lets people and businesses take control and add meaning to their wireless signals.”