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News copper line makes its debut in Vienna

October 16, 2014  

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The Telekom Austria Group has announced that its domestic subsidiary A1, together with Alcatel-Lucent, has successfully demonstrated, a copper-line based ultra-broadband transmission technology.

According to the two companies, enables the rapid roll-out of ultra-fast broadband services in urban areas that are mainly characterized by pre-existing multi-storey buildings.

Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO Telekom Austria Group and A1, said “fiber to the home remains our long term vision, but we consider as an intelligent interim solution until fiber will have a similar coverage as we have with copper now”. enables ultra-broadband services with data rates of up to several 100 Mbit/s via existing copper lines.

“Fiber is deployed all the way to the basement of a building, with the final connection to the single living spaces being made with existing copper lines,” said Ametsreiter. This allows for a considerable reduction of expenses, as no costly rewiring at the customer premises is required.”

In the future, the need for ultra-fast broadband services with data rates beyond 100 Mbit/s is expected to further increase, especially in urban areas and at a faster pace than the ability of network providers to roll-out a full-coverage and high-performance fiber optic infrastructure.