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Fluke makes IoT ‘useful to maintenance technicians’

May 16, 2014  

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The Fluke Connect system, which was announced this week by Fluke Corp., allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from their test tools to their smart phones for secure storage on the cloud and universal team access from the field, the company says.

Upwards of 20+ Fluke tools connect wirelessly with the app, including digital multimeters, infrared cameras, insulation testers, process meters, and specific voltage, current and temperature models.

Fluke said one of its goals with the launch is to salvage wasted data: “The vast majority of handheld test tool measurements are taken in the moment and never recorded. The short term purpose (inspect, repair, commission) is fulfilled, but the longer-term opportunity of collecting measurement data per machine is lost.”

Leah Friberg, a Fluke spokesperson, said the system makes use of the smart phone interface to display data in a way that a “test tool really should never have to do because that is what a smartphone is for.”

According to a Fluke release, technicians can AutoRecord measurements and infrared images to Fluke Cloud storage from wherever they are working, without writing anything down. Also, everyone on the team with a smart phone and the app can see the data.

As for any security concerns, Friberg summed it up this way: “There are two schools of operational thought right now. Utilizing the cloud and relying on the security built into that and using internal networks. Obviously the message is very, very clear that third-party access to internal networks is dangerous and yet data needs to be shared sometimes between service providers and internal systems. That is much bigger conversation than Fluke, which makes us feel quite happy that we are safely on the cloud side now …

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