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Rather than focus on entire sites, this month's Web Watch offers web site dribs and drabs. More accurately, here's a collection of tidbits we've found on various sites that we think will provide good surfing for cabling pros.

March 1, 2000  

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Get Soho Faqs

How does home networking differ from home automation? How do you network home computers together? If you have questions on the SOHO/residential market, check out the Ortronics web site. In an effort to address the growth of this segment within the structured cabling industry, the company has created a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section for visitors (click on the “Products” button and choose the “SOHO/Residential” section). Topics include voice, data, video, audio and installation, and the Q&A is updated monthly.

Is you phone safe? –

Health and safety issues related to wireless communications have been in the news a fair bit of late. To get the real skinny on the issues that affect us all, visit the “Health and Safety” section of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). It’s a good place to give you added peace of mind that no, mobile phones won’t give you cancer. Overall, it’s a great information resource for all wireless technologies and potential safety issues.

Want stuff –

Want stuff? Love the word “free”? Check out the “Software Store” at CSS/INFO. The online reserve features a variety of technology and engineering shareware, freeware and demos. The selection runs the gamut from “ASABETHERNET” to “ZAR1 Gear Calculation Software” — and features everything in between. Take your pick from the list or add your own software product.

Site offers – “how to” tips –

The “What’s New” section on Fotec’s web site offers cabling professionals an assortment of general and “how-to” information. At last glance, the section featured articles and information on such topics as standard test procedures, fiber to the desk, optimizing splices and small form factor connectors. The section is continually updated, so be sure to check back frequently for new information.

What is a Gopher? –

If you think a BIRD is strictly a winged creature and a GOPHER merely a burrowing critter, the glossary on the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) site can help. The glossary (found under the “Resources” section) is brimming with over 230 telecommunications words and terms to help keep you in the know. (F.Y.I.: BIRD refers to a communications satellite and GOPHER is an Internet tool).

Search centre is a good tool –

The “Search Centre” on the web site belonging to the Standards Council of Canada is a handy tool for any Canadian cabling or telecom professional. Choose from a variety of databases, including the “Standards Databases”, which contain titles and abstracts of Canadian and international standards, and the “Regulation Databases”, which provide access to Canadian federal and provincial statutes, regulations, and legislative information.

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