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Flywheel Energy Storage System DebutsBeacon Power Corp. has introduced its 20C1000 series standby power flywheel energy storage system (FESS). Designed for the telecom and broadband cable industries, ...

May 1, 2001  

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Flywheel Energy Storage System Debuts

Beacon Power Corp. has introduced its 20C1000 series standby power flywheel energy storage system (FESS). Designed for the telecom and broadband cable industries, the company is marketing the system as power alternative to lead acid batteries and generator sets.

FESS, which consists of a composite flywheel rotating on low loss bearings within a vacuum chamber, works as follows: A motor generator uses bus power to keep the flywheel at full speed. When primary power is lost, a bi-directional inverter converts stored mechanical energy into electrical power, allowing operations to continue.

The product provides up to 1.0 kW of continuous electrical power. It also includes remote monitoring and rapid recharging capabilities, and underground installation design features.


Wilmington, Massachussets

Tripp Lite Expands SmartPro Series

Tripp Lite has expanded its SmartPro series UPS systems with the introduction of three new models that feature the same slim-line cabinet design.

The company says the new series provides power protection — including battery backup, automatic voltage regulation, and surge suppression — for delicate computer and electronic equipment. A microprocessor controls all UPS functions and uses an instruction set to monitor incoming power and environmental conditions

SmartPro 2U models feature a rack design that allows two units to occupy the same rack space. The systems also include: up to two RS-232 ports and up to two USB ports for simultaneous multiple server control; PowerAlert Software for network monitoring; and an external battery connector.


Chicago, Illinois

Erico’s “Sep” Provides Protection

The SEP (used for Service Entrance Primary protection) is the most recent addition to Erico’s line of Critec surge protection devices.

The product, which features a sophisticated instrumentation and diagnostics panel, allows users to fully monitor the operating status of protection for equipment.

Features of the SEP include: service life equivalent to 400kA 8/20 (s per line; interlocked safety disconnects to eliminate downtime; a splash-proof design; five-segment LED status indicator monitors; and an audible alarm for backup warning.


Solon, Ohio

Cable Tray Offers Installation Advantages

Of critical importance in today’s competitive marketplace is the ability to install a new or retrofit cabling system quickly and efficiently. Cable tray systems have been engineered to provide tangible benefits to contractors and system installers. For example, trays that are suspended from a single rod, rather than a trapeze, offer the inherent advantage of cutting in half the time required to install the hangers. In addition, the single rod configuration allows cable to be laid into the tray instead of being pulled through. This not only makes the installation go faster, it also helps to protect sensitive cables from stress.

When working in previously occupied space where ceilings are already in place, installation contractors encounter an array of ducts, pipes, hangers, and other building system infrastructure. Adjustable center spine cable tray can be easily offset to go around the obstacles. This flexibility is achieved through field-installed tee fittings and horizontal and vertical pivots, which function like hinges and provide precisely controlled routing from straight runs to 90 degree turns. Thus, the cable tray can be adjusted both laterally and vertically to avoid obstructions. Screw-in rungs can be easily removed to facilitate installation in tight locations.

Ethernet/IP Suite Designed For Factory Floor

Rockwell Automation has introduced its third suite of Allen-Bradley products, built to the open, EtherNet/IP networking specification. Designed to integrate the IT and factory floor networking architectures, this new suite is comprised of 100 Mbps products and includes products from several of the company’s product lines.

The company says the 100 Mbps products allow users to take advantage of increased performance and bandwidth for control applications on Ethernet. The products will accommodate applications such as I/O and peer-to-peer interlocking.

All products in the line support the standard Ethernet Auto-Negotiation capability that enables devices to exchange information about their speed abilities.


Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Testset Is “DSL-Ready”

Ideal Industries, Inc. has introduced a testset designed for safe voice testing in Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) environments. The Model 630 Craft TestSet is designed to address the problems technicians encounter when connecting test sets to a digital link.

The testset features a detection technology called “SignalShield”, which issues an audible and visible warning alarm to the technician when in close proximity to a digital circuit while in “monitor” mode.

Other features include a duplex speakerphone with a battery-powered amplified speaker; three pre-programmed, one-touch speed-dial numbers; and repertory memory dialling with 10 memory locations.


Sycamore, Illinois

Microtools Product Line Expanded

Microtest, Inc. has added three new diagnostic products to its MicroTools line: MicroMapper, MicroNetBlink and MicroProbe.

The MicroMapper is a cable tester that enables users to verify the integrity of local network twisted pair cabling. In one step, MicroMapper will test twisted pair cabling for opens, shorts, crossed, reversed and split pairs.

The MicroNetBlink identifies network ports and cables through analog toning and digital signalling methods. It will verify cable continuity, pair condition, line polarity and voltage in network cabling systems, modular telephone lines and coaxial systems.

The MicroProbe is an inductive probe with a non-conducting tip for tracing cables and locating network jacks.


Phoenix, Arizona

Fiber Connector Is “Watertight”

Three E Laboratories and Green Tweed & Co. have announced the availability of their watertight ST fiber optic connector and bulkhead feed-through.

Called ST-DRY, the new connecting devices have been designed to completely protect the fiber termination from wet environments that can degrade optical fiber. They are intended for use in environments where the connecting devices are likely to be submerged in water, subjected to high humidity or may encounter other liquids at temperatures up to 85C.

The connectors, which are made from corrosion and chemical resistant materials, are available for single mode or multimode fiber.


Kulpsville, Pennsylvania

Corning Debuts Visual Fault Locator

The Visual Fault Locator (VFL)-300, new from Corning Cable Systems, is a handheld laser light source indicator used to pinpoint faults in fiber optic cables by emitting a red beam of light into the fibers.

The VFL-300 can be used with either single mode or multimode cable with distances up to three kilometres. After the general location of a fault is determined, the handheld can be used to make a visual inspection of a fiber and determine the exact location of the fault. In addition, it can be used to identify tight bends or crimps, faulty connections, damaged components, bad splices and fiber breaks.


Hickory, North Carolina

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