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Spring Has Sprung

Whether in the classroom or on the patio, it's shaping up to be a busy season.

April 1, 2003  

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The snow has finally disappeared (at least at press time, it had) and the days are getting longer. I for one will be happy to get outside more often — so happy in fact, that I have installed a data jack near the patio.

Now I can connect to my router and high-speed Internet access while sitting outside enjoying the weather.

Some of you are probably wondering why I didn’t use a router with wireless access.

Well, when I bought my router, the direction of wireless standards was still in the air and prices were high so I bought a Linksys 4 port router.

At first I thought that four ports were too many, but now I have filled them up — with two computers, the patio outlet, as well as a data jack added into the kitchen renovation. It didn’t take long.

In terms of Linksys, Cisco Systems Inc. recently bought the company. Could this be good news for the telecom industry? Maybe we’ll see some technology features and enhancements trickle down from the big routers.

Perhaps that will make it easier to follow our connections, as we move from our offices through public access points, to our homes.

Speaking of Cisco, images from the war have been forefront on our TV screens. One that caught my eye was taken inside the U.S. command center in Qatar.

Visible on most of the desks were Cisco VoIP phones. It would be interesting to hear how they and the network performed under the conditions. Maybe this could be a presentation at one of the future BICSI conferences.


The DD200: Telecommunications Distribution Systems Review

Toronto, June 3-6.

This course features a fast-paced review of the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM 9th edition), highlighting the critical areas students should know for the RCDD exam.

DD200 is a four-day course with the fourth day including structured study for the RCDD exam.

This is a review course for those who have at least two years of commercial, campus, and multi-facility telecommunications cabling systems experience.

All chapters of the TDMM (9th edition) will be reviewed. Students need to bring the manual to class (the binder version, not the CD-ROM).

If you are not an RCDD here is the chance to get your designation, and show your customers your commitment to excellence.

You can take a TDMM refresher course and then take the exam in Toronto on June 7. Be sure to register for the course and the exam early to ensure qualification.


The 10th edition of BICSI’s TDMM will make its debut at the 2003 Spring Conference, May 12-15, in Denver, Col.

The binder version will be available for purchase by the end of May and the CD-ROM will follow by the end of June.

Bigger and better than ever with more than 1,700 pages, it contains a complete overview of telecommunications distribution, taking you from design through construction, installation, and maintenance of cabling infrastructure in commercial and multi-family residential buildings.

Like all BICSI manuals, the TDMM is standards-based, vendor-neutral, and known for its careful research and precise writing. It’s regularly updated in order to keep up with changing technology.

The TDMM also serves as a detailed study guide for BICSI design courses and the RCDD exam.

In fact, the last RCDD exam based on the ninth edition will be given Aug. 18 at BICSI’s Fall Conference.


Between now and the end of the year, four RCDD, LAN and OSP Specialty exams will be held in Canada:

June 7 in Toronto, based on the 9th edition TDMM;

July 5 in Montreal, based on the 9th edition TDMM;

Sept. 13 in Halifax based on the 10th edition TDMM;

Oct. 11 in Toronto based on the 10th edition TDMM.

Two-week advance registration is required for all exams. For more information call BICSI at 800-242-7405 (USA/Canada toll free) or visit

In many cases the exams will be held in conjunction with the regional meetings so watch this space for more details.CS

Roman Dabrowski, RCDD, is the Canadian Director of BICSI and a sales consultant with Bell Nexxia. He can be reached via e-mail at

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