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The upcoming BICSI conference in Las Vegas is just one of the events BICSI members can look forward to.

May 1, 2001  

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Well, spring is in the air and I am inspired to write this column while enjoying a “cool one” out on my deck, laptop in hand. Isn’t technology great! Let’s look at what’s new in the world of BICSI and in the land of Region 5…


The first two Regional Meeting dates for 2001 have recently been decided. The first will take place in Calgary on Thursday, May 31 and the second will be held in Vancouver on Friday, June 1. BICSI Secretary John Bakowski will hold a weekend RCDD/LAN exam on June 2 in Vancouver. Additional dates will be released for Eastern Canada in the near future.


As many of you are aware, BICSI has released the second edition of the Customer-Owned Outside Plant Design Manual. Did you know that a specialty will soon follow? The new program is scheduled to begin in August 2001. This means that all of you RCDDs out there should start studying!


Currently in development at BICSI is a program that will be of interest to residential construction companies and the many groups that perform residential cabling installations. As residential is a big market and offers new opportunities for our members, BICSI will publish its Residential Network Manual in early fall; this will be followed by a course with lecture and hands-on training and registration exam.


I have been working with some folks in the province of Quebec in an effort to translate BICSI technical documents. We hope to complete a French translation of the Telecommunications Cabling Installation Manual and the installation student workbooks.

While it is a little early to give you any details (as these types of negotiations always take longer than we want), I can say that the BICSI Board recognizes the importance of translating BICSI’s technical manuals for our members, and for the whole global telecommunications industry. We are making translations one of our highest priorities this year. CS

Greg Porter, RCDD is Region 5 Director of BICSI and Business Development Manager for Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd., Markham, ON.



Plans are still underway for a Canadian BICSI conference, to be held during the September/October, 2002 timeframe. The BICSI conference department is currently looking at facilities in several cities, and I will advise everyone as soon as a location is chosen. The plan is to hold a Canadian event every two to three years, rotating the location around the country.


The first full-blown European conference is just around the corner. I will be in attendance, so if any Region 5 members plan to attend they can drop me an email at Perhaps we can plan a small regional lunch or a tour of the local watering holes. You can register online for the Brighton conference by visiting the BICSI web site at


By the time you read this, the BICSI Spring Conference will be upon us. The event will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 7 to 10, 2001. 2500 attendees are expected to attend this event. (Don’t forget to bring a lot of cash for the extra-curricular activities).


For those of you looking for some cabling down under, here’s the latest: Based on the initial feedback from a survey, it looks as though the 2002 Australia/New Zealand conference will be held February 25 to 27, 2002 in Sydney, Australia.

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