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News Briefs (January 01, 2000)

Nortel Invests $20 Million in EducationNortel Networks, Brampton, ON, will contribute $20 million to eight Ontario universities and colleges for students enrolled in high-demand technology programs.Th...

January 1, 2000  

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Nortel Invests $20 Million in Education

Nortel Networks, Brampton, ON, will contribute $20 million to eight Ontario universities and colleges for students enrolled in high-demand technology programs.

The money will be used to create approximately 7,000 scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students over a ten-year period. The value of the scholarships will range from $500 to $5,000.

Nortel’s scholarship investment, designed to invest in students who will help grow Canada’s high-tech industry, will be matched by the Ontario Government under the Ontario Access to Opportunities Program (ATOP).

Communications Gifts Topped Holiday Lists

Technology triumphed over tradition during the recent holiday season.

High-tech communications gifts topped the holiday wish lists of more adults and teenagers for 1999, beating out the more traditional gifts such as jewellery, clothes and CDs.

According to an Ontario survey conducted by Canadian Facts for three Bell Canada family companies, cell phones and computers were the gifts of choice last year, in addition to satellite dishes, cordless phones and communications gift certificates.

Ortronics and Berk-Tek Team-Up

Ortronics Inc., New London, CT, and Berk-Tek, New Holland, PA, say they have formed a “global technology and marketing alliance”, designed to bring enhanced copper and fiber offerings to the worldwide market.

The companies aim to achieve this through a high-capacity, clear data transmission system called NetClear. This end-to-end structured cabling system is engineered to emphasize maximum channel capacity.

NetClear incorporates all horizontal and backbone products, including interface cords, workstation outlets, modular cross-connect patch panels and enhanced frequency cables.

Bell and EDCO Fund Telecom Projects

Fourteen Ontario community-based organizations are slated to receive grants from Bell Canada as part of the company’s 1999 Economic Development Fund.

The organizations will receive funding for a variety of projects that range from developing web sites to the study of the telecommunications needs of an aging population.

This is the second year that Bell Canada, in partnership with the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO), is providing assistance to projects that use telecommunications to generate employment, create wealth and promote economic growth.

Dictionary Speaks Telecom Language

If you’ve ever been flustered by the thousands of acronyms that pepper the cabling and telecommunications industry, help is now at hand. The new BICSI Telecommunications Dictionary, published recently by the Tampa, Florida-based association, is chock full of clarified industry terms, short forms and symbols.

“The BICSI dictionary is part of our effort to provide a common language to our members, and to others within this industry,” says Jay Warmke, BICSI Executive Director. “In an effort to address the needs of our global members, this dictionary provides several European terms — both new terms and additional terminology for existing definitions.”

The dictionary can be viewed on the association’s web site at or purchased for US$19 by contacting BICSI at (813) 979-1991 or via email at

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