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News Briefs (December 01, 2000)

RESIDENTIAL CABLING TRAINING ONLINE AT BICSIBICSI of Tampa, FL has taken education on-line with the introduction its first web-based course. Called "The Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard...

December 1, 2000  

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BICSI of Tampa, FL has taken education on-line with the introduction its first web-based course. Called “The Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard: Understanding ANSI/TIA/EIA-570-A”, the course focuses on the newly revised standard that addresses minimum performance criteria for the residential marketplace.

Among other elements, the course features information from the ANSI/TIA/EIA-570-A standard published in October 1999, and discusses how to apply this information in the single-family home and multi-residential building environment.

This course is the first of a series of web-based training that will be available on BICSI’s “virtual campus”. The fee for the interactive course is US$100 for current BICSI members or US$175 for non-members, with a $30 discount to members who register before December 31, 2000.

For more information, call BICSI at 800-242-7405 or visit the association’s web site at


LAN-based telephony and the IP-PBX will have significant growth over the next five years — with a predicted average growth rate of nearly 160 per cent, according to a report from Allied Business Intelligence Inc. (ABI) of Oyster Bay, NY.

The report, LAN Telephony: the IP-BPX and Telephone Sets, says the trend is already occuring, and is most apparent in the WAN, where companies and individuals are putting more and more of their interoffice and international calls over the data network.

Increasingly, people will see the advantages of using voice over the same LAN they run their data from, rather than building and maintaining two separate networks, says ABI. And as more applications become available for these open systems, it will become less expensive to implement more customized solutions that it is on the traditional PBX.


The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), Exton, PA has announced the publication of DigiPoints, The Digital Knowledge Handbook, Volume Two, the follow-up to its first volume of digital training.

Written by Jay Junkus of KnowledgeLink, the publication is designed to assist cable telecommunications professionals in understanding the digital technology used in broadband telecommunications.

The handbook has been organized into four major sections. A data section covers institutional networks through DOCSIS-compliant high-speed data service. Digital video applications, including video servers, digital set-top terminals and conditional access, are the subject of a section on digital video. A third section discusses cable telephony, from constant bit rate offerings to IP telephony. The fourth section describes the network management and testing options that are available to support digital cable.

For more information, contact SCTE at 800-542-5040 or visit

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