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News Briefs (May 01, 2001)

GUIDE OFFERS KNOW-HOWInstallers who want to brush up their "patch panel technique" might want investigate the newest CD-ROM and video from The Light Brigade.The Kent, Washington-based training outfit ...

May 1, 2001  

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Installers who want to brush up their “patch panel technique” might want investigate the newest CD-ROM and video from The Light Brigade.

The Kent, Washington-based training outfit has just released How to Prepare a Fiber Optic Patch Panel, a training aid that is designed to address the critical issues facing installers. It demonstrates how to dress the most common fiber optic cables into the various styles of patch panels.

The 30-minute CD-ROM or video is U$125 and can be purchased directly from The Light Brigade by calling (800) 451-7128 or by visiting


Lamenting the shortage of professional electrical and technical workers, the organized electrical construction industry in the U.S. is setting its sights on the country’s high schools.

The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC), formed by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), has launched a recruiting campaign aimed at promoting careers in the telecom, electrical and construction arenas.

“Although most young people today are wired into high tech, too few are exploring the technical side of electrical and electronic careers,” says John M. Grau, CEO of NECA. “The U.S. desperately needs skilled electrical and technical workers to equip our buildings for the technology age.”

As a starting point, 30,000 high school and vocational guidance counsellors have been sent “Career Action Kits” that outline opportunities available through the NJATC.


ITF Optical Technologies Inc., the Montreal-based manufacturer of passive photonic components for optical communication networks, has announced it will be reducing its workforce by 128 people. The reductions will be concentrated in its manufacturing operations.

“We are taking this step because of the fast changing economic environment and the slowdown of capital spending in the telecommunications industry, which have resulted in decreased customer demand for photonic products,” Eric Geoffrion, ITF’s president and CEO said in a statement.

The company also indicated that it will continue to fill key positions in its core research and development programs to strengthen its product portfolio and gain market share.


The worldwide market for Voice over DSL (VoDSL) will grow at a dramatic rate over the next five years, a recent study by Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) of Oyster Bay, NY has shown. But while North America will dominate in initial deployments, the European market is set to surpass North American figures by 2003.

According to the report, the worldwide market for VoDSL voice gateways will soar to over three million gateway ports by 2006 and the market for VoDSL integrated access sevices will rise to over two million by the same year.

“VoDSL deployment will begin to show more prominently in mid-2001,” says Nancy Szekretar, an ABI analyst and the principal author of the report. “By then the market will be fully prepared for VoDSL, which will have a major impact on the telecommunications for the SMEs [small to medium enterprises].”

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