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Who are the candidates for the upcoming elections? Will there be a Canadian conference? Here's the latest . . .

September 1, 2000  

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BICSI elections are just around the corner and the candidates have been officially announced. They are:


John Bakowski, RCDD/LAN Specialist, Bell Gateways

Karl Griffith, RCDD, Graybar

William Moss, RCDD, Ford Motor Company

Region 2:

Chris Lake, RCDD, Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Mel Lesperance, RCDD, Ortronics, Inc.

Region 4:

Steve Calderon, RCDD/LAN Specialist, IT Design Corp.

George Fewell, RCDD, Cable Plus

Region 5:

Robert Brown, RCDD, NORDX/CDT Corporation

Greg Porter, RCDD, Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd.

Canadian BICSI members can vote for Secretary and Region 5 Director. I strongly urge everyone to exercise the right to vote. Good luck to all of the candidates. Speaking of voting, this year BICSI will offer members the opportunity to vote for BICSI Board candidates from their computer via e-mail. Members residing in North America will have the option of paper or electronic ballots. Ballots will be sent out around the end of August and are due October 13, 2000.


One frequently asked question has been: “Will there ever be another Canadian BICSI conference?” News or gossip you ask? Well, maybe news if John Bakowski, Scott Dawdy and I get our way. We have been pushing hard to bring another conference to Canada, and even though attendance is lower than at US events, we are trying to talk the Board of Directors into a Canadian event every three years. This will be an item that will be discussed at our Board meeting in Nashville. The earliest possible time slot would be Fall, 2002. I will keep you posted on the outcome.


Yes, it is time to grab your guitar, cowboy boots, and cabling stuff and held to Nashville. The Fall Conference will be held in the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center August 21-24, 2000. The theme is “Flexible Cabling Solutions for a Changing World.” As always, there will be some great speakers, educational events, a trade show and lots of networking with fellow industry folks. I hope to see you there.


BICSI has developed a new, free promotional video that explains what BICSI is and what it offers. It is the ideal promotional tool for anyone who would like to include something on BICSI during a presentation etc. Order it on-line at or call the BICSI office in Tampa at 1-800-242-7405.


No, that is not a remake of the old Beatles tune (I know I’m dating myself), but in fact McGraw-Hill will be publishing a paperback version of BICSI’s Telecommunications Cabling Installation Manual. It is expected to be a bestseller, and will be available at a bookstore near you by the end of the year.CS

Greg Porter, RCDD, is Region 5 Director of BICSI and Business Development Manager for Ontario-West at AMP of Canada Ltd., Markham, ON.

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