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Members have until the end of October to cast a ballot in the BICSI Board of Directors election. There are three candidates running in Region 5 -- Roman Dabrowski, James Massie and Dennis Wade.

November 1, 2002  

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By the time you read this, my second term as your Region 5 Director will have almost ended and one of three excellent candidates (see below) will soon be replacing me on BICSI’s board of directors.

Earlier, many members asked me if I will be running again, but BICSI bylaws state that an individual can only run twice for the same position. I plan to take a year off before I decide if I will run for another position on the board next year.

So let’s just say that for the time being, I am going into semi-retirement from my non-paying job to focus on my new business venture. However, this is a great time to thank everyone for their support and giving me the opportunity to serve you over the last four years. I have truly enjoyed it.

There is lots of news to report this month so I’ll keep the intro short and move right into the updates.


There are three very good candidates running for Region 5 director — Roman Dabrowski, RCDD, James Massie, RCDD and Dennis Wade. If you haven’t done already, please be sure to vote. The deadline is Oct. 31.


Over 600 people attended the first conference held in Canada in over three years in Quebec City on Sept. 16 – 19. Several hundred others attended the trade show with visitor passes.

The event was a tremendous success and will mark the beginning of a Canadian venue to be held every two years.

In addition to many fine technical presentations, some of the highlights included the trade show, where vendors exhibited their latest products, and the closing speaker, Yossi Ghinsberg with his inspirational story of survival.

As always, the generosity of the attendees helped out a local children’s charity thanks to the hard work of the BICSI Cares Committee. Special thanks to Phyllis Galbraith of Anixter and her husband Howard, who both spent many hours at the BICSI Cares booth. Thanks also to the BICSI staff, the vendors, and to all attendee’s who supported the event.


All three amendments to the BICSI bylaws were approved during the online vote conducted from July 8 to August 9. A total of 2,411 members, or 13.26 per cent of eligible voters, cast ballots. These changes take effect immediately. A summary of the three amendments follows.

Amendment 1. Replaces BICSI Region numbers with region names and creates one additional region in the US. Region 1 is now the US Northeast Region, Region 2 is now the US Southeast Region, Region 3 is now the US North-Central Region, Region 4 is now the US Western Region, Region 5 is now the Canadian Region, Region 6 is now the European Region, Region 7 is now the Brazilian Region, Region 8 is now the South Pacific Region.

The new region is the US South-Central Region and is comprised of BICSI members whose official membership addresses are in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

Amendment 2. Allows the Board to monitor and adjust Region status for an area if its membership falls below 500 members.

Amendment 3. Modifies the membership year and dues payment date to coincide with the month that a member joins BICSI.

Members are asked to begin using the new region names in all correspondence. For a short while, you also may want to mention the old region number if there might be confusion about which region you are referring.

BICSI wants to thank everyone who participated in the vote. This is an important member role in the success of our association.


BICSI has translated a variety of its brochures and other materials into languages spoken and read around the world. These can be downloaded from BICSI’s Web site by clicking on the Global Sites. Many of them are available as PDFs from which to print a copy. Languages currently featured are Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. If you have any comments regarding any of the translations, please e-mail

Greg Porter, RCDD is Region 5 Director of BICSI and is Sales & Marketing Manager at Innotech Cabling Solutions Inc. He can be reached at (905) 939-2213 or at

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