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It is with mixed feelings

It is with mixed feelings that I write this month's "Editor's Desk", for, as many of you know, this is my last issue as Editor of Cabling Systems magazine -- a position I have grown to care deeply abo...

September 1, 2002  

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It is with mixed feelings that I write this month’s “Editor’s Desk”, for, as many of you know, this is my last issue as Editor of Cabling Systems magazine — a position I have grown to care deeply about during the last four years.

I came to the industry as an outsider in many ways, having never given much thought to cabling beyond the four walls of my home office. But I was quickly taken under the wing of some of the brightest and most talented professionals I have ever met, and was educated and made to feel comfortable in this industry.

And so I leave feeling privileged on many fronts — for having met so many great people; for learning so much about the technology at hand; for the support I so freely received; and for feeling that the magazine made its mark in this industry.

I am very proud of what Cabling Systems has accomplished in the past few years and I wish it continued success in the future. It has weathered several storms — the early days of gaining acceptance; the later years of trying to change with the times; and, more recently, an industry climate that has taken its fair share of blows. But the magazine has endured, and I believe grown and improved over time.

But of course these things never happen in a vacuum. I have relied heavily on the support of good writers, knowledgeable contacts and wonderful contributors to help propel the magazine forward.

While space will not permit me to thank everyone who deserves kudos, I do want to say a special “thank you” to Cabling Systems’ outstanding Editorial Advisory Board. Hats off to Zdravko Crne, Keith Fortune, Robert Kostash, Mark Maloney, David Mantle, Brad Masterson and Rob Stevenson (and former Board members) — who tirelessly provided support, ideas and insight into the publication. The magazine’s success is definitely yours to share.

And thanks also to Paul Kish of Nordx/CDT and Greg Porter of BICSI and Innotech fame, who have been dedicated columnists and contributors since day one.

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who helped put this magazine together month after month, especially our art director, Dana Murray — the person who continually makes people go “ooh and ahh” when they see our covers and artwork each issue.

There’s just one last thing I’d like to say before I go…

Ours is an industry of great innovation and importance. It is one I quite likely took for granted before joining the magazine, but one I have certainly gained a healthy respect for.

And so, if I have to pick one thing that I will walk away from this position feeling grateful for, it is the appreciation I have developed for the cabling arena — for the technology innovations that enhance our lives; for the achievements our people provide; and for the knowledge that I contributed in some small way to such a vibrant and exciting industry.

Good luck and many thanks!

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