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Introducing Roman

The mandate of the new Canadian Director is to make sure that everyone takes advantage of what BICSI has to offer and that it delivers what the members want and need.

January 1, 2003  

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A Happy New Year to everyone. This marks the first of many columns that will appear in Cabling Systems magazine and my first year as the Canadian Director for BICSI. I am quite proud that the membership has elected me as their representative on the board and look forward to serving them in the best way I can.

To begin with, I’d like to thank Greg Porter who has spent four years as Region 5 (now known as the Canadian Region) Director and has done an admirable job in representing members, and working with BICSI in moving the organization ahead through some turbulent times.

Another Canadian, advocate and long-term member of BICSI who also deserves recognition is John Bakowski, RCDD LAN Specialist. His term as secretary for the board expired in December and we would be remiss in not thanking him for his efforts in that position. Though not actively participating on the board, — for this year at least — he will still participate in other BICSI committees.


In terms of my background, I was born and raised in Toronto and joined Bell Canada in 1978 as an installer as part of a summer job and 25 years later I’m still there. It’s turned out to be a long summer.

During that time, I have held various technical, management and marketing positions, the majority of which were related to structured cabling. It’s how I became involved in BICSI and where I learned much about LANs and WANs. I’m currently a sales consultant with BCE’s Bell Nexxia division.

As the Canadian director, my mandate will be to represent members at board meetings and report back on all issues. I’m also committed to making sure that everyone takes full advantage of what BICSI has to offer and conversely, ensuring that it delivers what the members want and need. I also plan to promote participation and growth in the association and help position it for the future.

I’m looking forward to serving you and welcome your input, concerns and comments.


I’d urge everyone to visit the BICSI Web site regularly because there is both an abundance of information and links designed to keep everyone informed. Here are just a few of the items on the BICSI site: You will find out where the next and upcoming conferences will be. As well, I plan to list the locations and agendas for the regional meetings that we will have in Canada over the next year.

Greg mentioned in his last newsletter that another Canadian conference is being planned for 2004. I’ll keep you informed about this event and as we move closer to confirming dates and locations, we will be looking for volunteers, presenters and guest speakers. If you have any ideas, e-mail them to me so we will have a good database of information to work from.


Recently announced BICSI courses include:

DA402: Wireless LANs (Instructor: Chris Clark). This course will identify the fundamentals of installing a wireless LAN in a commercial or residential building. It will define the standards and the protocols used for wireless LANs.

This two-day course will describe the components used to build wireless LANs. The instructor will also explain how to design wireless LANs to operate in a standalone configuration or to connect to wired LANs.

DA401: Networking (Instructor: Chris Clark). This course will demonstrate the networking technologies found in a Cisco network and briefly explain LAN technologies, switching, IP protocol, and the Cisco IOS and management software.

The three-day course will also describe configuring VLANs, routing, how to use IOS and provide tips on how to manage a Cisco network with IOS and access lists. The instructor will also identify various WAN protocols that are used for connecting different Cisco networks together.

You can register for any course in 2003 through BICSI’s online registration form. Simply select the training class you are interested in and the dates and location of the course and follow the instructions to register and pay for the class. It’s as easy as that.

Roman Dabrowski, RCDD, is the Canadian Director of BICSI and a sales consultant with Bell Nexxia. He can be reached via e-mail at

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