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Going Regional

Two educational meetings are taking place next month. Each is worth four continuing education credits.

May 1, 2003  

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There are two BICSI regional meetings coming up in Western Canada to tell you about. The first will be in Calgary on June 25, the second in Vancouver on June 27.

We’ll have a great agenda for anyone who attends with topics from Cisco Systems discussing VoIP, Cabletalk Systems discussing racks and cabinets, NordxCDT updating us with the newest in cabling standards and Anixter presenting information on security and cabling.

There is no charge for these educational meetings and you are encouraged to bring guests. Each meeting is recognized for four BICSI continuing education credits (CECs) toward the renewal of the RCDD; Installer, Level 2; and Technician designations. Members will be getting an invitation in the coming weeks.


For those inclined to write or re-write the RCDD exam, one of the last opportunities to take the exam based on the 9th edition TDMM (for anyone in the West) will be on Thursday June 26 in Vancouver.

If you want to sign up for the exam be sure to register at least two weeks prior to this date.

Other opportunities for writing the exam in Canada will occur on June 7 in Toronto, based on the 9th edition TDMM, July 5 in Montreal, based on the 9th edition TDMM, Sept. 13 in Halifax based on the 10th edition TDMM and Oct. 11 in Toronto based on the 10th edition TDMM

Again, two-week advance registration is required for all exams. For more information call BICSI at 800-242-7405 (USA/Canada toll free) or visit


In this day and age, everyone is looking for solid training without having to travel or miss work time. Well, look no more, BICSI just introduced its newest online course: Grounding and Bonding, in which the basics can be learned in under two hours.

Proper grounding is essential for a safe electrical environment for voice and data infrastructures as well as for reliable operation of active electronic equipment.

Yet grounding is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the voice and data system. Improper grounding often leads to safety hazards and unnecessary failures in network equipment.

Understanding such elements as voltage, current, and impedance is critical for determining the power, grounding, and protection needs of sensitive network equipment.

BICSI’s newest online course focuses on the basics of grounding and bonding. It is designed for students with little or no telecommunications experience or as additional source material for those taking the RCDD exam.

The course includes the following: Review of basic electrical principles, grounding electrode systems, equipment grounding systems, and communications bonding and grounding.

Grounding and Bonding offers 2 BICSI CECs for RCDDs, Installers, Level 2, and Technicians. Course fees: BICSI Members, US$100; Non-members, US$175.


Understanding ANSI/TIA/EIA-570-A, The Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard: This course will help contractors, builders, installers, and designers understand how to wire single and multi-family homes for the future.

Students will have access to a complete glossary with industry terms, abbreviations, measurements, and symbols, plus access to articles and further information on residential cabling. As the standard is modified, BICSI will update the course content online.

This course offers two BICSI CECs for RCDDs, Installers, Level 2, Technicians, and Residential Installer. Course fees: BICSI Members, US$100, Non-members, US$175.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Spaces and Pathways: Learn about proper spaces and pathways for telecommunications facilities from your own computer. This course focuses on the need for proper spaces and pathways for telecommunications facilities.

Designed for RCDDs, architects, and facilities managers, the course will provide a better understanding of ANST/TIA/EIA 569-A, Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces.

This course offers two BICSI CECs for RCDDs, Installers, Level 2, and Technicians. Course fees: BICSI Members, US$100, Non-members, US$175.

Roman Dabrowski, RCDD, is the Canadian Director of BICSI and a sales consultant with Bell Nexxia. He can be reached via e-mail at