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Defective goods, cancelled flights and BICSI STUFF

Not broken computer nor lost data could keep this intrepid columnist from delivering the latest BICSI...

November 1, 2000  

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I have to admit that I am one of those people who have been cursed. When I go to the store to buy a new “whatever”, I am the person who always gets the defective one. I don’t know why or how, but it happens all the time. I am either very unlucky or there is a lot of defective product out there. This is why I am writing this article for the second time, reconstructing it from memory. Yes, my well-known, name brand PC decided to self-destruct 48 hours before my flight to Halifax for the Region 5 meeting, and 24 hours before the press deadline for this update.

Sure, I know I should have backed it up on a floppy disk. Yet I can’t help but remember the “good old days” before we invented computer technology. A “hard drive” was a good tee shot. And a “fatal error” was when you made a mistake on the last line of your resume with the typewriter and had to use white-out to fix it.

Regardless, here is this month’s BICSI Bulletin (recreated on a borrowed PC) …


With the exception of a 14-hour journey to Nashville on an airline that shall remain nameless (but was the only monopoly available that I could fly on), the conference was a complete success. I suppose I should stop complaining and look at the positive side of life: the plane did land (eventually) in Nashville without crashing and everything else will be fixed in 180 days — or so I’m told. That’s good, because it will more than 180 days before the next conference in Orlando, Florida in January 2001.

Approximately 70 Canadians managed to get in to Nashville, without the travel nightmare that I had. Perhaps they drove. In total, 2200 attended the conference at the spacious Opryland Hotel and Convention Center from August 21-24.

On August 21, the 500th LAN Specialist passed the exam. Congratulations to Mr. Frank J. Diener and the other 15 individuals who made it through this tough exam.

In other conference news, BICSI Cares raised more than US$27,000 in donations for the High Hopes children’s charity. And sales of the new TDMM 9th edition and Introduction to Commercial Voice/Data Cabling Systems helped us reach more than $20,000 in publication sales at the event.


Participation in the on-line voting has been strong. By the time you read this, the results should be available, and you may, or may not have to put up with my rambling news updates depending on who wins the Region 5 Director spot.


The RSS Committee and the Board of Directors will now insist that all new RCDD and LAN exam applications are submitted to BICSI two weeks prior to the exam date — no exceptions. However, members who wish to retake an exam can usually be accommodated within one week of the exam, as long as payment is made in advance.


People often ask me how they can get more involved in BICSI. Well, you can either run for Region 5 Director in the next election or you can consider joining or getting involved with one of the following committees:

BICSI Cares Committee

Codes Committee

Education Advisory Committee

Governmental Relations Committee

Installation Committee

Long Range Planning Commission

Membership and Public Relations Committee

Publications Advisory Committee

Registration and Specialties Supervision Committee

Standards Committee

Technical Information and Methods Committee

If you have an interest in getting involved, please contact the committee chairs. A full description of each committee and its chair can be found at


Soon the first “on-line” BICSI course will be offered over the Internet on your PC (assuming yours works). The 570A course (Residential Cabling) will be the first course released. I saw a preview at the Nashville board meeting and was very happy with the results. Joe Jones has put a lot of hard work into this and this effort will be the start of many more on-line courses to come.

Well, that’s it for this month. But if any of you need to make a major purchase or book a flight, please feel free to give me a call. I will be happy to pick out the defective products or problematic airlines for you.CS

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