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Need for high quality training in ITS design and installation borne out during course of four-day event.

November 1, 2004  

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My last two columns in CNS discussed the recent BICSI 2004 Canada Conference in Ottawa, and in this issue I get to say thank you to the many readers for all of their support.

The final statistics are as follows: 536 attendees, an additional 326 exhibit visitors, 44 exhibits, six general assembly sessions, and nine workshops.

Pre-conference activities included two seminars attracting 69 attendees and two classes with 29 students. Registration exams were held resulting in four new RCDDs.

While most of the attendees (406) came from Canada, as well there were representatives from the U.S., BICSI’s Brazil and Middle East/Africa districts, two from the Caribbean, and five from Europe.

New format

All attendees acted as guinea pigs as this conference, which took place from Oct. 31-Nov. 3, tried out a varied presentation format with a mixture of the traditional general assembly sessions and an array of two and three-hour workshops.

The evaluations were all positive, so I think we can expect to see more of these events in BICSI’s future.

It was a pleasure to be able to speak to so many members from BICSI’s Canada Region. Quite a number of you expressed a similar concern, namely the continued need for high quality training in information transport systems (ITS) design and installation.

This is a particularly good time for Canadians to be thinking about sharpening their skills. With the 2010 Winter Olympics scheduled for Vancouver, the need for experienced ITS designers and installers will increase as construction moves ahead.

When training needs are mentioned, the issue of travel expenses always comes up. BICSI will bring two instructor-led courses and two sets of exams to Canada next year — DD102: Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems, May 15-20, Toronto; DD200: Telecommunications Distribution Systems Review, June 21-24, Toronto, RCDD/NTS/OSP and WD Specialty exams, April 9, Vancouver, and RCDD/NTS/OSP and WD Specialty exams, June 25 in Toronto.

BICSI is also introducing a series of Web-based training (WBT) modules based on its 5th edition Network Design Reference Manual (NDRM). You can learn organizational network design from the convenience of your own computer, at your own pace.

Two of these WBT modules are available now and four more will be coming online in 2005. All courses are dial-up friendly using Macromedia streaming technology. You can check out a sample by visiting, click on training.

Local Area Networks (LAN) (NDRM Chapter 2)-Available now. Topics include Introduction to LANs (stations, servers, shared peripherals, hubs, switches), LAN operations (centralized, distributed and hierarchical) and LAN standards;

Network Storage (NDRM Chapter 10)-Available now. Topics include introduction to network storage, network storage fundamentals, high speed interfaces, RAID, network attached storage, storage area networks, and backups

Ethernet Technologies (NDRM Chap- ter 8) -Available January 2005. Topics include Introduction to Ethernet technology, Ethernet, fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, and 10 gigabit Ethernet.

Internet Protocol Infrastructure (NDRM Chapter 9)-Available January 2005. Topics include introduction to Internet protocol; Internet protocol fundamentals; addressing, naming, directory, and Internet services.

Network Management (NDRM Chapter 12)-Available February 2005. Topics include introduction to network management, network management fundamentals, hardware and software management, user management and traffic management.

Network Security (NDRM Chapter 11)-Available March 2005. Topics include introduction to network security, network security fundamentals, authentication, firewalls, and virtual private networks.

Four new courses

In addition, any BICSI course can be “suitcased” and brought to your location, so keep that in mind when you are discussing training with your colleagues.

BICSI offers 26 courses in various aspects of ITS design and installation. Four new courses are being added in 2005: WD100: Introduction to Wireless; WD110: Designing Wireless Networks; WD200:Wireless Design Specialty Review; and ANDI500 Access Network Design and Installation.

BICSI members will soon be receiving the 2005 Educational Resources Catalog (ERC). I invite all ITS professionals to call BICSI (800-242-7405) for a free copy or to view it online at, click on training. Finally, as 2004 draws to a close, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Roman Dabrowski, RCDD, is the Canadian Director of BICSI and a sales consultant with Bell Nexxia. He can be reached via e-mail at