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If our cover story has you wanting more information on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), check out the following resources on the net... A Good Place to Start

January 1, 2001  

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If you are looking for a launching point in your search for all things VoIP-related, click onto — a site that strictly focuses on the development of this technology. The site was launched last October by CGI Solutions, LLC to provide an online community for technology and service providers and to help educate consumers on VoIP. features news, press releases, interviews, educational tutorials and Q&A sessions relating to the developing VoIP marketplace. community members can also submit articles for inclusion in the news database.

The site features a directory that contains links to VoIP service providers, hardware and software vendors, technical information, trade shows and white papers. It also contains a VoIP acronym dictionary, interactive surveys and “The VoIPer” — a free weekly newsletter that is sent out via email to members.

Relevant Organizations

Have a look at the web sites of these organizations for more information on VoIP technology — and a host of other interesting information:


The Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF) facilitates the development and implementation of computer telephony solutions by bringing together suppliers, developers, systems integrators and users. The forum discusses, develops and tests interoperability techniques for dealing with diverse technical approaches.


The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium, Inc. (IMTC) is a non-profit corporation of more than 150 companies. It has a mission to promote the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia teleconferencing solutions based on open international standards. builds community for the Internet Telephony industry through conferences, newsletters, mailing lists, analysis, liaison roles, advice to start-ups, summits, test projects and its web site.

MIT Internet Telephony Consortium

The MIT Internet & Telecoms Convergence Consortium (ITC) consists of member firms and academics collaborating on research into technical, economic, strategic and policy issues that arise from the convergence of telecommunications and the Internet.

Voice Profile for Internet Mail

Among other goals, the Voice Profile for Internet Mail Work Group seeks to establish an internationally accepted standard profile of ESMTP/MIME to allow the interexchange of voice and fax messages between voice messaging systems.

VoIP gateway vendors

There are several organizations getting into the VoIP act. While they are too numerous to list, here is a look at a few businesses making their mark in this arena:

3Com Corp.

ACT Networks

Ascend Communications,

Cisco Systems Inc.

E-Fusion Inc.

Franklin Telecommunications

Inter-tel Inc.

Lucent Technologies Inc.



Motorola Inc.

Natural MicroSystems

Netrix Corp.

Netspeak Corp.

RADvision Ltd.

VocalTec Inc.

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