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In keeping with our cover story focus, this month's Web Watch features a look at some industry distributors and where you can find them on the web...

November 1, 2000  

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Don’t forget to type in three “ms” when trying to locate the Anicom site. Here you will find all kinds of information on the distributor, including company news, a customer “bill of rights” and information on Anicom programs, including its E-Sales program. Click on the ‘Branch Locator’ button to get Canadian information or information about your specific location.


When you get onto the Anixter web site, you can choose Canada as your country of choice and have a look at a variety of products offered by the distributor. In addition, the site will provide you with articles, recent news and announcements, the company’s annual report, and a detailed look at the Anixter Levels Lab testing facility.


Graybar, an independent wholesale distributor of electrical and comm/data products, has several branches in Canada — and these are all available on its corporate web site. Company news, an extensive product catalogue, a supplier database and company programs are also available on the site.


When you call up the Nedco site, you will be greeted by a map of Canada. Click on your province of choice for location-specific information, in addition to the distributor’s products and services. In addition, have a look at the ‘Business On-line’ button to learn about Expert Estimator, Nedco’s integrated software product that is pre-loaded with in-stock products.

wesco international inc.

The Wesco International site lets users sign up for full access to — an on-line source for electrical, data communications, and utility products and services around-the-clock. Other information, including Canadian locations, company news, investor relations, services and success stories are also available on the distributor’s site.

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