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Staying one step ahead - Keeping abreast of changes in the industry can be a full time job, but frequent visits to the following sites should ease the workload:

September 1, 2000  

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BICSI, an international not-for-profit telecom association, offers programs, courses and conferences that cover the spectrum of voice, data and video technologies. The organization has a comprehensive website that offers such features as on-line newsletters, white papers and a job bank.


The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is a not for profit industry association that encourages the development and adoption of business opportunities relating to the automation of homes and buildings. Its web site is full of information on the use of advanced technologies for monitoring, control and communications in HVAC, lighting, safety, security, etc.


CIPS is a short form for the Canadian Information Processing Association, and its website is comprised of great information for the Canadian IT professional. The site features a list of events, IT resources and technical papers.


The Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) is an institute of Industry Canada that is dedicated to research and development in communications and related technologies. Canadian technology professionals will find an abundance of information on the centre’s website, including an innovation centre, a human resources section, and an education arena.


The site belonging to the Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association (CTCA) contains a variety of useful articles, product announcements and other information for the telecom professional. The site also features a good links page and events calendar.

Gigabit Ethernet Alliance

The Gigabit Ethernet Alliance is an open forum with an aim to promote industry cooperation in the development of Gigabit Ethernet. The alliance’s website contains news, activities, papers, and other pertinent information related to the technology.


ITAC, or the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), is an organization with a finger on the pulse of the country’s IT industry, representing more than 1,300 firms engaged in computing and telecom. The ITAC site features a good deal of information, including news, events, policies, etc.


The NACC — or National Association of Communications Contractors — was established to provide communications professionals with an easy and inexpensive means to become certified. The association’s website provides an overview of its certification programs, in addition to news, standards updates and other relevant information.


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is a 70-year old association that develops standards for the electrical manufacturing industry. The organization’s site features the latest in industry news, information, standards and events, in addition to a government affairs section, an engineering forum and an economics page.


For information on a variety of training and certification programs, visit the website belonging to the Society of Cabling Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Here you will find news, training, standards and membership information, in addition to a bookstore, a feedback page and a links area.


The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) — in association with the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) at — is a full-service organization representing the telecom industry. The TIA provides communications materials, products, systems, distribution services and professional services, and has information about all of it on its website.

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