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BICSI takes lead with CLADI

One of its key mandates is to broker relationships between associations and manufacturers throughout the industry.

July 1, 2004  

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There is no question that convergence and MasterFormat 2004 are currently hot topics in the telecommunications industry.

As the article on page 14 indicates, BICSI has long been a leader in the movement to include a new and independent division for telecom-munications in the latest edition of the MasterFormat, the most widely used organizational model for commercial building design and construction projects in North America.

It is published jointly by Construction Specifications Canada and the Construction Specifications Institute and updated every five to seven years.

The 2004 content outline was released in January and the section numbers and titles were released in June. The complete publication will debut later this year.

Because of convergence, the Master- Format, and influence from Canada’s Decision 9910, the term CLA (for com -munications, life safety, and automation) is becoming widespread in the building construction and telecommunications industries.

Mission statement

It is derived from the three divisions in the MasterFormat that deal with the systems and infrastructure that transport information in commercial buildings.

To help its members and installers/ technicians as well as the industry at large deal with the challenges and opportunities of convergence, BICSI has partnered with other industry associations to form the Communications, Life Safety, and Automation Design Institute (CLADI).

CLADI’s mission statement is to enable and promote participation of the CLA industry in the design and construction of buildings.

Tom Rauscher was BICSI’s representative on the MasterFormat Expansion Task Team (MFETT). He is also instrumental in organizing and maintaining the CLADI Web site. I urge you to visit or click the CLADI icon on The site provides information, design tools, and discussion forums.

By far the most popular section of CLADI contains computer aided design (CAD) tools. If you’re new to CAD or trying to set up a CAD environment to support CLA systems, this site will help get you up to speed. It has a symbol library, plotting utilities, templates, title block, and drawing templates.

Now that CSI has released the Master-Format titles and sections, Rauscher will soon add a cost-estimating spreadsheet organized on the new CLA divisions. I predict this section of the site will also see a lot of traffic.

The new MasterFormat represents a big change in the way we do business and the CLADI site is both a learning opportunity and a requirement for designers, installers, and technicians.

Quick Reference Guide for Canadian Code Officials:

You may know that BICSI publishes a booklet for American building inspectors entitled “Telecommunications Quick Reference Guide for Code Officials.”

A reference document for telecom-munications inspections, the publication outlines sections of the current edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70) National Electrical Code. The guide provides summaries and excerpts of the sections that are applicable to communications only.

This guide has been useful and well received in the United States, and many Canadian BICSI members feel there is a need for a similar publication for Canadian code officials and others involved with voice, data, and video systems.

If you are interested in working towards making this practical guide a reality for Canadian Codes issues, please contact myself (, William Graham (, or Phil Janeway (

The guide will be discussed at BICSI Codes Committee meetings at the BICSI Fall and Canada conferences respectively. Here are the details: Aug. 28, 5 p.m., Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, Wash. and Oct. 30, 5 p.m., Crowne Plaza Ottawa Hotel, Ottawa, Ont.

BICSI Canada Conference

Get out those PDAs or your daytimers and mark this date: 2004 BICSI Canada Conference, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, Crowne Plaza Ottawa Hotel, Ottawa, Ont.

BICSI is introducing a different, innovative, and varied presentation schedule at this event, including six-hour seminars, three-and two-hour workshops, and 45-minute presentations.

Smaller audiences will add to the educational experience. CECs will be awarded and the RCDD and specialty exams will be given. BICSI classes will also be offered before and after the conferences. For more information on attending or presenting at the conference, visit

Roman Dabrowski, RCDD, is the Canadian Director of BICSI and a sales consultant with Bell Nexxia. He can be reached via e-mail at

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