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BICSI springs into summer

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July 1, 2000  

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It was great to see some 80+ fellow Canadians at the BICSI Spring Conference in Fort Worth. Those of you who were there probably wished you were selling glass instead of premise wiring, as most of the highrise towers in the downtown area had the glass blown out by the tornado that blasted through town before the conference began. Anyhow, despite some glitches with the hotels that were suffering from storm damage, we managed to get through and have a good conference.


The next BICSI conference will be held in Nashville from August 21-24 at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. Having been at this location last spring, I can tell you that this is a fabulous hotel and conference centre under one roof –complete with tropical gardens and a river running through the facility. The theme of the conference will be “Flexible Cabling Solutions for a Changing World”. Of course there will be the usual training and presentations, several of which will deal with testing issues and installation practices. I hope to see you there.


As this went to press, there was only one applicant in Region 5 for the 2000-2001 scholarship. Unless we get some additional applicants, it will be a simple evaluation process. Good luck to the applicant(s). The cut off date is July 1, 2000.


The last board meeting was held at the Fort Worth Conference. The following are the key highlights of that meeting:

The titles of “Apprentice” and “Installer” will be phased out and replaced with the new titles “Installer, Level 1” and “Installer, Level 2”. All BICSI literature and promotional information will reflect this change by November 1, 2000.

The “LAN and Internetworking Design Manual” will be called the “Networking Design Reference Manual” with the next printing. The fourth edition of this document is scheduled for release in August 2000.

The Board adopted a “Conference Disaster Recovery Plan”. This was initiated in part due to the tornado that rolled through Fort Worth prior to the last conference.

Conference fees will remain unchanged for 2001. Exhibit fees will increase to US$2,100.

3M was approved as the industry co-sponsor for the 2001 Spring Conference.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort was approved as the site of the 2001 Winter Conference.

The Board approved the creation of a judicial panel to review complaints and to take disciplinary action when RCDDs violate the RCDD Standard of Conduct. The RSSC will also look into the possibility of a more rigorous screening process for those who sit for the RCDD exam.


BICSI has been asked to provide an overview of how the electrical codes apply to telecommunications in Calgary, Alberta. Similar presentations have been carried out for U.S. electrical inspectors; these presentations will be modified to cover the Canadian Electrical Code.


If your company will be attending an industry trade show and you want to help promote the benefits of BICSI membership, a free trade show kit is available. For more information call BICSI at (800) 242-7405 or (813) 979-1991 or visit the web site at CS

Greg Porter, RCDD, is Region 5 Director of BICSI and Business Development Manager for Ontario-West at AMP of Canada Ltd., Markham, ON.

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