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A Summer to Remember

From the cooking of corporate books to the creation of new standards, much has happened during the past two months.

September 1, 2002  

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Unless you live in a cave, you no doubt have seen the latest focus of the news media over the last couple of months — corporate scandal. Also known as creative bookkeeping, twisting the truth, cooking the books, accounting irregularities and just plain old lying.

The list goes on and on, while, at the same time my RRSP value keeps going down and down. All of this, I figure, will result in a mini boom in our industry in the very near future.

First of all, we will need more accountants to keep tabs on companies as governments tighten up the rules. This will mean more paperwork, hence more PCs, cable and connectivity.

It should also increase the work in federal prisons, as we equip many prison cells with CAT 6 connectivity so the coming wave of imprisoned CEO’s can keep tabs on their stock portfolios. Am I a little bitter you ask? No, not at all, I’m looking forward to working until I’m 80. Who wants to sit on a beach enjoying that “freedom 55” thing anyway? I’d much rather be at work.

Speaking of work, let’s get into the latest news from the world of BICSI.


The BICSI Board of Directors has recommended three bylaw amendments for voting by the general membership.

Amendment 1 involves replacing the BICSI region numbers with region names and creating one additional region in the United States.

Amendment 2 provides for monitoring and adjustment of board representation for international districts and regions.

Amendment 3 modifies the membership year and dues payment date to coincide with the month that a member joins BICSI.


Pending approval of the bylaw amendment, all new BICSI members will now have a 12-month membership, which begins the day they join and ends the last day of that month the following year. This only applies to new members.

BICSI members in 2001 who renew their membership during 2002 will still see them expire at the end of this year. All international members will still receive the same 12 months. There is a Membership Expires field in the member database if anyone needs to verify an expiration date.


The BICSI Standards Committee has initiated two working groups: one to address installation of residential telecommunications cabling and another to address cabling installation for K-12 schools.

These two working groups will be formulating objectives to deliver standards that address the installation of cabling and related infrastructure in each of these environments. The scope and objectives of these proposed standards were discussed and solidified at the Standards Committee meeting during the BICSI Fall Conference in New Orleans last month.

The intended scope of each standard will include topology, infrastructure, and installation methods. The topology is intended to cover the needs of copper and fiber cabling performance that will enable rapid deployment of changing technologies. Infrastructure and installation methods will include considerations for proper pathways and spaces sizing, electrical power needs, HVAC, security, and administration. The needs for flexibility, scalability, reliability, and space management also will be addressed.

BICSI welcomes input from all facets of the telecommunications industry in supporting the development of these standards. All BICSI members and interested parties are invited to participate in the meeting.

Contact the respective working group chairs with comments:

Residential Standard Working Group: Bob Jensen, RCDD (Fluke Networks), 512-845-6684,

K-12 Standard Working Group: Terry W. Hochbein, RCDD/LAN/OSP Specialist (ATSR), 763-525-5644,


Seven countries in Central America have joined BICSI to become the newest district.

The Central America District is made up of the following countries: Costa Rica (75 per cent of the members), Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize. The most recent count is 106 members.

Rolando Alvarado, RCDD, has been appointed the District Chair (Axioma Internacional, S.A.), and Victor Herrera is the District Secretary (V.H. and Associates). Both men come from San Jose, Costa Rica.


Patricia McElroy has joined BICSI as a Program Project Manager. She will be overseeing the reorganized Program Management/Publications/Marketing department. We welcome Pat to BICSI.

Greg Porter, RCDD is Region 5 Director of BICSI and is Sales & Marketing Manager at Innotech Cabling Solutions Inc. He can be reached at (905) 939-2213 or at

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