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Dell Research forms technology partnership with U of T

July 14, 2015  

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Dell Research has announced a partnership with the University of Toronto on a project it said will help organizations sift through company databases and social networks to identify subject matter experts.

The technology resulting from this partnership will pinpoint sources of knowledge within the enterprise, helping companies better leverage employee expertise and training, the two organization say.

To develop the technology, Dell Research and Dell Canada are collaborating with Dr. Kelly Lyons in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, with funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) through an Engage Grant.

Dr. Lyons is an expert in large scale knowledge base curation, Resource Description Framework (RDF) data models, ontology engineering, system design and development and user testing.

Jai Menon, head of Dell Research said one of the mutual goals is to empower organizations across industries to bring new products and services to market more easily.

“We anticipate the tools and methodology will have broad applicability in a myriad of use cases,” he said. “For instance, non-profit organizations might be able to use it to identify people who are well suited for a particular community program, while advertisers and product developers might leverage it in putting together focus groups.

Dell, he added, will also investigate integrating the tool with current software offerings, such as the company’s Unified Communications Command Suite (UCCS).

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