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Cybercrime focus of upcoming CATA conference

June 13, 2014  

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), has  announced it will be hosting a two-day forum in Ottawa, Nov. 12-13 to discuss the trends and impacts of online terrorism and what organizations are doing to address these threats both now and in the future.

The forum, open to all both members and non-members, will also develop a roadmap for next steps including the formation of a standing council to help both private and public sector organizations keep pace with innovations and intelligence.

“The very real impacts of cyber security breaches and cyber terrorism are being experienced across the globe with no individual nor institution free from the fallouts triggered by such activities,” says CATAAlliance’s Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes.

“The Canadian Revenue Agency exploited by a teenager through the Heartbleed bug, recent major breeches in consumer credit card numbers experienced by Neiman Marcus and Target, the temporary shutdown of Bitcoin, the U.S. accusations of cyber attacks by China: these are just an infinitesimal example of the cyber security challenges facing all ‘netizens’.

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