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CloudMask launches in the UK

September 9, 2014  

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Ottawa-based data protection firm CloudMask today launched in the UK. The company’s security technology works on the premise that no one can be trusted with data including cloud administrators, governments, employees, and even company IT administrators.

“New legislation and a hike in data leaks needn’t deter anyone from adopting cloud technologies,” said Wael Aggan, CEO, CloudMask. “A switch to cloud computing marks a decrease in the emphasis on systems and an increase in the focus on data.”

Gartner expects cloud-based security services to grow to US$3.7 billion by 2016, with annual growth of 20% and the highest growth is expected in the cloud-based tokenization and encryption segment.

To date, CloudMask has focused on the public, legal, financial and health care sectors.

It has also been evaluated and implemented by Shared Service Canada (SSC), a Canadian federal government department and is used across multiple Canadian federal government departments.

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