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Cloud servers exceeding industry expectations: Dell’Oro

July 21, 2015  

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According to a recently published report by Dell’Oro Group, cloud data centres will emerge as the sole growth driver for server shipments, as unit shipments into enterprise data centres decline.

Server unit shipments are expected to continue to grow overall during the forecast period.

“Our recent interviews with end-users, component vendors and system integrators, indicate that cloud adoption is occurring faster than industry expectations,” said Sameh Boujelbene, a director at Dell’Oro Group.

“The substantial increase in cloud uptake stems from both a declining skepticism of the cloud among enterprise accounts, and the willingness of cloud vendors to hear their customers’ concerns, mainly related to security and resiliency, and to provide platforms to meet their needs. We currently expect cloud servers to reach 50% of total server shipments by 2017; a year earlier than previously projected.”

The report indicates that servers’ migration to cloud holds significant implications for server form factor, even challenging the basic definition of a server. The analysis also discusses the various Ethernet network connectivity options for each server form factor for cloud vs. enterprise/premises deployments, and reveals that a minimum of eight network speeds are expected to co-exist for server access over the next five years.

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