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CATA to build mobile health asset map and resource directory

March 28, 2014  

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance plans to implement an on-line survey to gather information on organizations developing mobile health offerings for Canadian consumers and the country’s healthcare system. The organization defines mobile health as the practice of medicine, inclusive of health, wellness and care, supported by mobile devices. The organization said the goal is twofold. First to build an asset map by identifying Canadian organizations that are either directly developing mobile health products and services or are supporting the development of mobile health initiatives.

The resources will be identified through the use of an on-line eProfile software program that CATA developed. Second, in addition to the asset map, it will create a searchable database of Canadian R&D and innovation in the mobile healthcare space.

This will improve the capacity for healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs to further advance mobile innovation for the delivery of health and wellness services, it said.

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