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CABA and Frost & Sullivan join forces in cyber security study of the home

June 22, 2015  

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The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) and Frost & Sullivan are partnering on a connected home research project, specifically looking at the issue of cybersecurity in the context of connected homes, and the risks and susceptibilities associated with it.

The two organizations say the analysis will create an understanding of the magnitude of cyberthreats and how they can be managed and eliminated in addition to the challenges of adopting and implementing cybersecurity measures.

“Connected homes are prime examples of innovative applications of technology that usher in new convenience for consumers,” said CABA president and CEO, Ronald J. Zimmer. “Industry however has acknowledged that associated with such convenience is risk.”

In lieu of the benefits that connected homes may bring, risks acquired via cyber threats have the potential to compromise the industry as a whole, CABA said in a release.

“The current and potential magnitude of threats for connected homes could expose important data not only for home owners, but technology vendors and service providers as well. These are potential damages that consumers should be aware of, and create credible perceptions of cybersecurity through.”

“Although meant to enable connected experiences, allowing third parties open access to home networks exposes both the consumer as well as the service providers to the potential vulnerabilities of cyberspace. It is critical to understand that cyber threats require collective responsibility and accountability sharing from all stakeholders involved,” noted KonKana Khaund, principal consultant for energy and environment with Frost & Sullivan.

“Collaborative research projects like these, supported by industry participants, establishes the fact that cyber threats to the connected home are indeed being taken seriously by such participants.”