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AT&T and Sabre to test new mobile travel services

January 23, 2014  

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AT&T and Sabre, a global travel technology company, today announced they will jointly explore the development of new services that they say could usher in a more personalized, stress-free trip experience for travelers.

The two companies are developing and testing offerings based on AT&T’s Location Information Services (LIS) – Hybrid, which allows developers to build geo-aware mobile applications. The goal, they added is to “explore how device-based location information services can help airlines, airport retailers, and other travel-related companies deliver intelligent, predictive and personalized services throughout a traveler’s journey.”

AT&T LIS Hybrid defines custom geo-fences (a virtual perimeter within a geographic area) in any shape or size, both indoors and out, using cellular, GPS and Wi-Fi information shared by the user from their device. Knowing when a traveler enters or leaves a pre-defined geo-fence would allow travel suppliers to provide personalized services and relevant offers based on the traveler’s real-time location.

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