Mobile customers apathetic, not loyal: Oracle

Comments Off December 23, 2013 at 3:43 pm

The allegiance of mobile customers to their current providers is one born of apathy rather than of loyalty, according to Oracle Corp. Results from a new Oracle Communications Customer Satisfaction Survey indicate that the majority of consumers who stick with their current mobile operator are unimpressed with their customer experience (CX) and the reason they stay on board is that they feel there are no better alternatives.

This is due in part to consumers believing all mobile operators are beset with the same issues. In fact, 39% of subscribers stated the reason they have not switched to a new operator is because they believe the services offered by rival communications service providers (CSPs) are no better than the one they currently receive, or are unaware of other operators that provide a better service.

“For CSPs looking to attract new customers, and keep the ones they have, the time has come to break users out of this state of apathy and seeming indifference,” Oracle said in a release.

“Operators that can appeal to this large proportion of unsatisfied consumers stand to benefit from new business opportunities that they did not realize were hiding in plain sight. To do so, CSPs should focus on improving their customer experience to credibly differentiate themselves among their poorly-regarded competition.

“When viewing the findings from the survey in light of the rapidly evolving nature of the telecoms industry, particularly as 4G and LTE networks are rolled out across global markets, it becomes clear CSPs must revisit their CX strategy and ensure it remains relevant to today’s consumers, who have become reliant on a wide array of data-enabled devices to support their new digital lifestyles.”

Oracle partnered with independent research firm Coleman Parkes and polled 4,000 mobile, landline, broadband and television subscribers worldwide.