Check Point releases its top five security threats for 2014

Comments Off January 2, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Check Point Software Technologies has identified the Top 5 Security Threats to beware of in 2014: 1. Hacking will hit home: Hacking is no longer limited to the enterprise and government spaces. Recent hacks have affected consumers directly and this will continue in 2014. New, more sophisticated techniques will impact consumer and home-based technologies. Household appliances containing Bluetooth and wireless communications could provide access to a private household’s systems and communications. A hacked GPS could cause issues that lead to tragedy. In addition, a compromised “SmartHome” could provide hackers with personal information and household occupants’ comings and goings.

2. Vendors will provide a unified front: Security architectures of single layers or multi-vendor point solutions are no longer acceptable security strategies and are ineffective solutions.  We will see more and more vendors attempting to offer unified, single solutions through development, partnership and acquisition to attain all the required security elements that need to be unified. While this is happening now, there will be much more of this in the coming year with the added elements of threat collaboration.

3. Threat Collaboration: No single vendor or enterprise ever has a complete and current picture of the threat landscape. Therefore, in order to maintain the most current protection available, collaboration and the sharing of threat intelligence is required. As a result, partnerships between “frenemies” and acquisitions within the industry will occur to supplement building the leading unified solution with the best intelligence.

4. Continued experimentation with Big Data: Vendors and enterprises are seeking the magic formula here. Vendors are trying to design and build a big data “solution” that is “turn key” and can be replicated and add value across customer bases. Enterprises are seeking “turn key” vendor solution(s) and are investing in trying to build their own for better protection, context and awareness.

5. Threats to campaigns and Nation-state: Check Point is expecting continued and more sophisticated attack campaigns to steal IP and money, without physical access and leaving no fingerprints. This is only going to increase. Meanwhile, the nation state cyber initiatives, probing and attacks will continue, a la China and APT1.  The bad guys are working hard to get better and are investing heavily, CheckPoint said.