New green ICT standards tackle e-waste, energy efficiency

Comments Off December 23, 2013 at 3:37 pm

A meeting of ITU’s expert group on green ICT has resulted in new standards including an environmentally friendly universal charger for laptops as well as other portable devices (ITU-T L.1002), and a standard for green batteries for smart phones and other handheld ICT devices (ITU-T L.1010).

Additionally, experts have agreed on a standardized methodology for manufacturers to report the quantity of rare metals contained in their ICT devices (Recommendation ITU-T 1101) – something that will increase the efficiency of recycling schemes.

Specifically designed to reduce e-waste and increase usability, ITU-T L.1002 is an international standard for a universal power adapter (UPA) for portable devices, including notebooks, which complements the recently announced IEC/Technical Specification 62700/Ed1 by adding a number of environmentally friendly requirements. 

“Standardized solutions will be a key way to reduce e-waste, an increasingly intractable problem, particularly for the developing world,” said Hamadoun Touré, secretary general of the ITU. This fact is emphasized by last week’s report from the United Nation’s StEP initiative, which predicts a growth of 33% in the global volume of electronic waste in the next four years.”

ITU is a partner of StEP, a multi-stakeholder initiative, which aims to tackle the e-waste problem by advocating policy change, redesign, reuse and recycling.